8.sınıf - İngilizce - Chores dersi test sorusu

Hi! l’m David. Everyone has different responsibilities in my family. For example, l’m responsible for making my bed, taking out the garbage, tidying up my room and feeding the cat every day. But when l’m busy with my exams, my mother does these chores. My father always does the grocery shopping, sets the table and loads the dishwasher after dinner every day. On weekends, he also sweeps the leaves in the garden and waters the plants. My mother cooks the meals and cleans the house except on Saturday and Sunday nights because she watches her favorite TV serials on these days. In my opinion, family members should share their responsibilities because this will make our lives easier.

David’s mother - - - -.
a) does all the household chores alone
b) does David’s chores when he has exams
c) watches her popular TV shows every day
d) always takes the garbage out after dinner


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